Friday, July 6, 2012

For You Eldon

I wish I had a photo of him turned and showing his dear sweet smile...but Eldon was always on the go.

I didn't know him very well. I sat and prayed with him before church services, smiled and received my hug when I saw him and enjoyed to be in his presence whenever I had the chance. You were very aware when standing in his presence, he loved the Lord and he wanted everyone to know and experience this relationship he had. He had a genuine love for people as well.

On July 2nd, Eldon went home to be with the Lord. Yesterday I attended his memorial service and learned a little more about this special man. Little does he know the impact he has made.

You see in the last year, Eldon made it a point to share a message with the world. He hand wrote his message and had copies made. Then he drove his car up to the Dollar Tree and handed it out to everyone and anyone he could (he tried Walmart, but they wouldn't allow him to stay). When Eldon heard he would no longer be able to drive, he knew his visit here was done. He had done what he set out to do and now he was headed home to celebrate. He shared his message with over 1,000 people. When our pastor asked him why he did this....his response, "If I don't, who will?"

Those words are what hit me yesterday. I know the same message Eldon knows. I also know the same command he did, that I am to share it with others. But I don't. Not nearly enough. And I don't know why. If I hold the most special knowledge and important message...why do I keep to myself?

Another one of Eldon's friends who spoke yesterday mentioned that Eldon's gift from the Lord was evangelism...and he used that gift. She reminded us that each of us have gifts, and we are to use them. Another step on the toes for me.

So, Eldon, today I share your message out into cyber world. And reader, if you are reading this, please share it, not for me, but for Eldon. I think he would smile that smile of his.

"You can become a Christian if you give your heart to Jesus Christ and believe that He died on a cross as a sacrifice for your sins, and you believe that in three days He was raised from the dead.

You should join a church that believes in the Holy Bible, and then live to please Jesus.

When you die you will go to heaven and live forever."   Eldon (12/31/17-7/2/2012)

Thanks for teaching me and impacting me will be missed.

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