Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Word of God

How much is the Word of God, the bible, a part of your spiritual life? Seems like a crazy question to ask someone who has a spiritual life, but I had to question myself on this, and I am not real comfortable with the honest answer.

When I stop and really think about this book that sits beside me, that I pick up and read daily, what it really is...I do not give it anywhere the need and attention I should. It is the WORD of God. His words, sitting here beside me. I read it. I carry it to church and I turn to the scripture and even take notes on it. But do I spend the time and devotion I should? Do I study it, learn it, meditate on it?

Sadly, the answer is no.

I spend more time listening to others speak their words about the scripture, through lessons and sermons. I spend more time thinking about the characters of the bible, and not what it means to me and my life. I wander around in this dark world with the light at my fingertips. I wander down paths trying to find my way with a map unopened. I should have hunger for this book, it is my spiritual food.

The only thing I can imagine stands in the way would be the deceiver. He lies to me and makes me think those daily readings, and taking notes has been enough. But tonight, the Spirit speaks to me. Tonight I am praying for a hunger for the word. I am praying that this reality that hits me this evening, grabs me throughout the day.

I want to read the word, as it is, the WORDS of my heavenly father, his love letter to me and you. I want to see what he wants for my life, the light to be shining and the road signs to direct me. I want to meditate on it, and learn from it. I want the words of scripture to have more power in my life than the words of men. I want the Spirit to speak to me directly. I want to know it so well, that I can share the treasures with others.

What about you? How important is the Word of God in your life?

"Your word is a lamp to guide my feet, and a light for my path."  Psalm 119:105

May God use His words to be light and salt to you. May He bless my words to compliment His words.

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