Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love By Choice

Last night a question was asked in our youth group...why did God create Satan? They asked if He knew the outcome, why did he continue?

So many of us ask questions like this...wondering why God does as He does. But sometimes we can answer our questions by looking at ourselves...we are made in His image. We have many of his characteristics and ways.

So...think about love. If you had the ability to MAKE everyone love you, would that feel like love? Of course, when we feel love for someone and it is not returned, it hurts. We know God hurts. I am sure when God looks at many faces of his creation, the lack of love, the lack of obedience, the lack of faith, the lack of all must hurt. But...the alternative was to create beings without a choice. He could have had all creation love him, obey him, and sing praises to him all day long. But he would also know, that it is not real....without the choice, it is a created love, not a chosen love.

How much more it must mean to him, when we turn away from the world, turn away from sin, turn from the temptation and look towards him, choosing to love him, choosing to follow him. This is the love I would want. I want to be loved by choice. How much more must our heavenly father want this same kind of love?

Are you choosing to love him today?

May you find salt and light in my words.

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