Monday, July 25, 2011


Surrendering is so difficult for us in so many different ways. Surrendering to God's will, God's timing...and the toughest one, surrendering ourselves to God, especially not knowing how He is going to move and work with it. We have things we want to hang on to. Thing we believe can give us happiness, pleasure and love. In the Old Testament, it was their we have our own idols. Money, media, drugs, alcohol, relationships, careers....and we hold them tightly, believing our life is better with these things. We think we know best.

We constantly want to keep our hands in feet in. We want that control. Not just of our own lives...but the lives of those we love as well. It is so hard to let go, to put our hands in the air, and just surrender. We have the fight within us, we won't allow that feeling of release, feeling as if it is a sign of weakness. We hang tightly to these things, and we are fooled by deceit and momentary pleasure.

And yet, when we do, when we let go, release and surrender, that is freedom. It is amazing, empowering, and comforting...if we are surrendering to God. And it doesn't matter what the struggle matter how big, or how small. We need to let go of everything, and allow God to have that control. If He is asking for our time, our talents, our money, careers and habits...our idols, we need to let go, hand it over, and watch the blessing that comes in return.

What are you trying to control? What are you trying to handle? What is it that you are hanging on to? Are you ready....lift your hands, turn it over, allow Him to take control? Experience your freedom. Watch what happens, watch it enfold. In His perfect timing and His perfect way, allow Him to be first in your life. He who is truth, justice and righteousness.

Let us learn from those who came before;
"O people of Judah and Jerusalem, surrender your pride and power. Change your hearts before the Lord...." Jeremiah 4: 4

May my words always be salt and light to you.

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