Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Faith...Always Changing, Evolving

If I were to find one word that defines my "religion" or "belief" about God, that word would be faith. It begins simple...the faith that He is there, that He exists. But then comes the time where that just isn't enough.

The step that took me from just the belief to a relationship was a different kind of faith. It is the kind of faith that is a surrendering, a releasing and relying on that same God I knew existed. It was about really understanding who He is, and how much I needed Him.

So, I moved from just believing, and with that surrender, I entered into a relationship. Putting all that faith into giving up on myself and giving in to His will, His ways and trusting my life with Him. But I had (have) a lot to learn about what that surrender really means.

At first I still tried to control things...I would pray for things I thought He would want for me. As time went on that faith evolved. I began to understand that real faith, is a true surrender. My prayers changed. I learned to just let go...a true surrender. Or so I thought.

But then I see real faith in action in others. Real faith I believe is seen in service. When someone's life is totally released to His will....and allows God to use them. We completed watching a video in our youth group that showed a group of people in Vietnam. I saw a kind of faith I have not seen or experienced in our culture. Their lives are focused totally on their relationship with God.

Sometimes I have to push myself to open my bible in the evenings. I squeeze in my preparation for teaching. I set aside my writing for months because of how busy I was. I am proud that I spend 30 minutes each morning for a devotional time. My faith....pathetic, as compared to what it can and should be.

I have more surrendering to go...more faith to build. But that is the beauty of that faith I hold. It has a beginning...but there is no end. It will continue to grow and build. He will continually push me forward if I am willing. He will reveal what I need to do to grow this faith and my service will also grow.

There are many that miss the key to who He is, and what He wants. The faith gets all caught up in the wrong things. When we do...we give a false picture to the world of what faith really is. They want no part of it. I'd love to see a revival occur in our culture. A true surrender and let our neighbors see what our walk in faith is really about. I know revival must begin with me...

"The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith." 1 Timothy 1:5

May my words always be salt and light to my readers.

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