Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reflections from the Week

I am having a little bit of trouble getting back to routine, and part of my routine had been writing. We went away for a week on a fast forward yet amazing family vacation. It was quite a precursor to the 4th of July celebration. We went to visit my son, one of the two in the military, and his family. So always being around him, thinking about his life, his sacrifice and his family's sacrifice makes me grateful and appreciative of him and others who work hard to defend our country and freedom.

To add to this, we also went to a few amazing sites. One being Mt. Rushmore. At night they have a ceremony and it is done so well. Reminding us of our history. These four men and their impact on this nation. A movie was shown, and then they honored past and present military before lighting up the mountain. You can't help but leave full of pride and patriotism.

So not only did we see that magnificent creation of man, we also made a stop to see the Badlands, South Dakota, the beautiful artwork of our creator. My photos could never do it justice. But I can tell you I stood in awe, absolute awe. I had no idea of the beauty I would encounter as I entered into this national park. With each turn, a new landscape etched into the earth by God. His powerful forces of wind and weather creating this natural canvas. The words to a song I love came to mind "with all creation I sing, praise to the mighty King".

We made it home in time for Sunday's service, and it was the perfect wrap to this week. A reminder of the blessing we have to live in this nation. Once again, our military was honored. And then a look back...to the standards and beliefs that we began with over 225 years ago. Then in turn,  a reflection on where we are now. I can't help but be concerned as I look around and think about where we were...and where we are headed. How much more will we allow and I wonder why we no longer see a clear standard? There is so much more gray within our red, white and blue. God is being edged out. The freedom we wanted when we began has a new view/vision....it is to worship who and what we want, not the God we once were seeking in a daily walk and talk, our text books and in our courtrooms.

I am thankful for a nation that has been blessed by God. I absolutely believe those blessings came from our historical beginnings. I am thankful for God's hand on our nation, our military, our leadership. My concern is what will happen if we continue to allow a little more gray in each day to our red, white and blue. If we allow God to be removed a little more each day. Where will we be?

We as Christians need to speak up as our forefathers. We need to be present. We can't sit by idle and quiet and allow this to happen. We need to pray for our country, our leaders and our fellow Christians. We need to pray for our  fathers who need to turn to God and raise their families knowing who God is and what His standards are. We need to eliminate the cracks in our foundation, repair them, make us strong in the Lord again. If it isn't us as Christians....there will be no one else who will.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." Proverbs 14:34

May you find salt and light in my words.

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