Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church and Today's Culture

There is something I am struggling with a little...and I have heard both messages in books, the church, bible classes...and both points make perfect sense to me. I think the greatest reason I am questioning this tonight is because of a book I am reading, Radical by David Platt. It has been a wonderful book and it has me really looking at and thinking about some things...mostly our churches today.
So the wrestling match going on much should the church be different from the church we saw in scripture? How much of today's culture should the church adopt? And then it also boils down to us, how set apart should we be from the world and its culture? I know we must be set apart from the darkness and sin, but what about the culture?
So, here is my big question...if Jesus walked the earth today, what would that look like? Would his disciples blog? Would they use computers and facebook? Would they listen to the Newsboys? Would they travel by subway, airplanes and buses? What kind of church building would He plan, or would He not want a church building?
To think about this, I thought about how Jesus used the culture of His time. He did meet people where they were. He fellowshipped with them and ate with them. He would go out on the boat and fish with them.  There were dark pieces of his culture we never saw Jesus near. He fellowshipped with sinners and had compassion for the helpless. He did not join in on the sin, but He met them where they were at. And what about his disciples once he was gone. They traveled to reach people. They were there in the midst of community, but again, not in dark places. Their mode of travel of their time was used.
Neither of them sat back in churches and awaited people to come in. They didn't just go out and invite people to come to a church. They didn't throw big events and send out invitations. So, when I think about that, we are missing the mark in most churches.
The churches seemed to be only for believers, to build and edify through teaching.
So, I am not sure it is important what we are doing inside our churches (other than teach believers and take care of one another) as it is important what we are doing outside our churches. I may be totally off the mark....but when I look at God's word, I can't find Jesus focusing or His disciples focusing on what is going on inside a building. They are always out and about with the people and sharing the good news. No programs, no concerts, no lights and comfy seats. And when I try to imagine Jesus here, today, I do not see Him in the church building. I see him down the road, outside the grocery store, or down on the river at a fishing tournament, at the basketball court shooting hoops and sharing, or in the waiting area at the beauty shop! I see him always on the move. I think I can see Him tweeting and using an IPhone before I could see Him in the church building waiting for people to come see Him.
I'd love to hear others thoughts. If you have a scripture to share that is where our answers should come from. I am totally just sharing some thinking here.
I can tell you what, if He did write a blog, I would be following that one!!!
May you always find light and salt in my words!

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