Thursday, June 23, 2011

Faith of Children

What a wonderful place to be this the presence of children. To listen to their innocent questions, unwavering faith, and deep thoughtful questions. Oh yeah, and of course their silly little comments in the middle of a bible story, "did you know your eyes are brown?"

It has been a very busy week and I have missed my writing. However, I had to step away for a moment from the chaos just to remind all of us, sometimes we should just stop and listen to a child. They so easily accept and believe God's word. No questions. No buts.... They listen to his word, and accept. It is truth, no gray areas. No... well maybe.

We become polluted by the world and its teachings as we grow older. We want to try and figure things out on our own. We want physical proof, and faith is so much more difficult.

Take some time, sit with a child. Listen to their thoughts...and their faith. See if you can remember!

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