Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the journey continues...

I wondered if I offended anyone yesterday, if I did it was unintentional. I mentioned not finding what I was looking for on my journey in the churches I mentioned.  I want to remind you that this is my journey, and it is where I found answers...but I do believe what I have found could be found in many different churches, in fact many different places. What would be really cool, is if you found what I found while reading my blog.
I left you yesterday at destination Jehovah's Witness on my journey. Another thing I discovered here, was no matter how hard I tried, I was still a sinner. I could never be good enough, I could never live up to the laws and rules the bible talked about. That can obviously be discouraging and tough. But it is the state we are in...all sinners. I didn't come to this realization yet, this understanding would come later. However, due to sin and the inability to live up to standards, I found I was no longer in "fellowship" with Jehovah's Witnesses. Again, a lot more detail could come here...but unnecessary.
A few years that followed this time were teen years. I fell into the traps and snarls of this age. I can look back now and see God reached out His hand then, He lead me out of that. I made a decision to go to my dad and let him know the trouble I had fallen into and asked to come live with him. What 8th grade girl enjoying freedom and having fun would make the decision to do this? One who is lead my God. It brought me a step closer to where He needed me. He was still at work. I didn't know it yet, I know it now. As I look back and see His work in my life. Forever thankful.
God uses many things to get us where He needs us. Many times it is a church service, but not always. Still being a teen, it was a boy who lead me to the next step. God had a message for me, and He brought me to where I needed to be.
Tomorrow I will continue to share the journey....

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