Friday, April 15, 2011

Growing Up

Just like growing up from childhood, to teenage years and adulthood, there is a process of growing up as a Christian. A lot to learn and gains to make, mistakes that build you and strengthen you.
It has been a pendulum for me. I get close...and I swing back. Over and over again.
I believe it is Satan's greatest tool. Oh yeah, I hadn't mentioned him yet. Oh, he is out there. He seeks to destroy your witness, and would prefer no others are added to the fold.
So, it is pretty simple for him. He keeps us busy, occupies our minds with other things, nothing we would notice too much (work, family, hobbies, etc), and then we have no time to maybe go to church, pray, spend time reading the bible. So there he leaves the ineffective Christian in this state and really he needs to do no more. The world is out of control with sin, so if he keeps us from being a light, his job is pretty easy.
I allowed this a lot for me. Sometimes years at a time. And I was fooled during those times, thinking all was still good and right. I still loved God, and I would talk to him. What a mistake, so many wasted days, so much loss of time.
The pendulum has recently engaged in this direction again, the correct and right direction. This blog is a piece of it. I intend to be a light in the world of darkness, an alien of this world, because my home is in heaven. I would love if you would pray for me, pray for me to be alert when the enemy uses his skills to stop me. Pray for me to be vigilant. I was even too tired to post this tonight...but I knew God would give me the words, and the energy to complete before I end my day.

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