Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journey Part 1: Religion

Do you ever sit back and look at how God brought you from point A to point B...and think WOW. Sometimes I can even see why. When I look at my "religious" background I can sort of see a why, or at least if I was going to be there, He would use it, to help me in my journey.
So, it begins....an infant, born to Catholic parents. I was brought to church on Sundays and attended catheticism classes later on. I remember that church...the smells, the words, the beauty of the stained glass windows. I remember my first communion, white dresses and gloves. This would also be the day of my first communion. The door closes, darkness, and the revealing of your sins. Prayers to follow.
Through this, I found there is a God. I knew from a very early age that there was heaven, God, Jesus, sin, forgiveness. All things I needed to know for the journey. I am thankful it was given to me early...I don't know of a time where God wasn't a part of my life. So, my Cathoic days were valuable, and I thank my parents for their commitment to bringing me.
From here the turn in the journey was much different. My mother had left the Catholic church and became a Jehovah's Witness. After my parent's divorce, I started to go with my mom. The desciption of this part of the journey could be detailed with a lot more..but I will set that aside today. I will go right to how God used this time. What I gained from the Jehovah's Witness was the importance of scripture. (this could also be followed with a lot of detail, but again, for today I will set that aside) During this time of my life, I spent more time in scripture than I had previously. I found through this part of my life, that I needed to study scripture. It also taught be to question, and to find truth.
Through these "religions" I did not find what I needed, I did not find what God had in mind...but because He loved me, he used these experiences. I still knew He was there, I still knew I wanted Him in my life.
I will tell more of the journey tomorrow....

Today I am adding this to a link up for a piece of my history. To me, this is the most important piece of my history.

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  1. I love that you chose this piece to link up, and I love that through all of the "religions" the importance of God in your life never faltered. That is what's important.

    Thank you for linking up!


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