Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where Does Your Fire Come From?

I just completed watching a movie about the Holocaust. Always so hard for me to watch...and to understand. The evilness is as perplexing as the hope of those suffering.
However, when I look back on my spiritual journey, it was when I was suffering when I truly reached out, got in the Word, and my faith was all I could hold onto.
Why are we like that? Why is our walk not as passionate or focused when our lives are going well. Why don't we reach out with the same fired up worship of God during the good times?
So tonight I offer questions.
I'd love to hear your answers.
I know for this reason I am thankful for my sufferings and how I grew through them. So I believe it is why  God allows them. I am hoping I learn to grow spiritually in all circumstances, be as passionate, and full in my worship.
A short one tonight.
May you always find Salt and Light in my Words.

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