Saturday, April 16, 2011

Christians are Humans too

I purposely have left out what denomination church I attend really isn't the point of my journey. I love my church, and I am happy there. There have been times when I wasn't as happy here, times I have been disappointed. Churches are full of people. People lead it. People make decisions there. And people are humans. So they tend to fail you once in a well as you fail them.
So, as far as churches go, I think we have to test things. It is not about a boils down to two things. One is absolute...the church must never preach or teach anything that isn't biblical. If it does, get out. It really is that simple for me. God is the absolute, therefore so is His Word. (Of course we need to individually be in the Word to know if the church is, that is our responsibility)
The second is about preference. Lots of churches and lots of ways of doing things....yet all founded on the Word, that is when personal preference comes into play. do we handle things when the people disappoint us, let us down, act like humans?
 I think first we pray. We pray for God to protect our churches. It kind of goes with yesterday's post...the ineffective Christian, Satan loves ineffective churches as well. So we need to protect our churches with prayer. Pray for the leaders of our churches. We must also be vigilant and aware.
We also need to test our attitudes...are we making a bigger deal of something than need be? Can we really forgive and move on? Then we better. I have no doubt that Christ forgave his disciples over and over when they disappointed him.
I have witnessed the falling apart of congregations, and there were times I weathered the storm. I stayed and remained untouched and watched the process of building back up. I also had a circumstance where I left..I think the difference in these cases was where I was spiritually. When I was strong, I stayed. When I was weaker, I almost felt like God took me out early on...before the storm took me with it.
So...taking all these random thoughts and put it all things we lean on God. We seek His will first. Christ is the Head of the Church. We need to know and be prepared of the consequences of the world we live in. The one and only we can count on at all times is God...we must not let anything or anyone seperate us from His love. So our choices should keep us in our relationship with God...and we can not let our hurts keep us from His love.
May you always find  Salt and Light in my words

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