Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling the Loss

When I sit and read the gospel accounts of Christ's death and the days that follow, I can't help but think about how the individuals that witnessed it were feeling. After recently losing my mother, I know  how raw and empty you feel in those moments. It makes me think of his family, disciples and friends.
I then think present time. After all we have witnessed in our own lives, after all we know, how can we ever walk away from his presence and not feel this raw and empty loss that they did. How often do we just get busy, or lazy and remove ourselves from his presence?
I am guilty of this all too often. I have spent too much time away from Him. I should feel the grief when I do this. I think what I need is to make him more present in my life, then I would feel the loss. If I do not have him enough in my presence, it doesn't make a difference when I take him out. It speaks a lot of our relationship.
So tonight, I ask forgiveness. I want to walk closer. I want to have such a significant presence that I should feel grief and loss if for a moment I make a turn away from Him.
May you always find salt and light in my words!

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