Wednesday, April 27, 2011


If you think about the purification of any substance, it is about removing what doesn't belong. So, isn't that true with us? To purify most substances in this world, it takes time, and some kind of interaction. So, I would imagine it is the same with us. We will not be instantly purified. It takes time..and it needs some kind of interaction.
So, what are some things that have happened to you that you think are bringing you through the process?
I think struggle is one for me. I believe when I am struggling with the things I want, and the things I should be doing,  I am learning. Through this learning I am in the midst of purification. It is that letting go of self, and allowing my life to be controlled by God.
Sometimes, I also think there is pain. Emotional and physical. I have been changed as a person through some of the pain I have experienced. I have become stronger. I have added to my faith. I learned how to pray and listen. I have understood how much I need God.
When you look back at your own spiritual journey, did each step toward purification or holiness occur with a trial or tribulation?
So, what needs to be removed from our lives to make us holy, purify us? Sin. It is really that simple. Until we are no longer residents of this earth we will continue in the process. We should constantly examine our hearts. But we also need to remember as we go through the trials and tribulations, we are being purified. When we face the consequences of sin, we are being purified.
As I put some thoughts together this week, I need to see people for who they are going to be and encourage them. I think of last night's post, my heart heavy for the pain in others. Well, tonight I see what God wants me to see...their pain is okay. I need to look beyond, I need to see where He is taking them. It is a purification. I need to encourage them, help them to see what they can't in the midst of it.
I love how God brings things together. I know this was a jumble of thoughts tonight. Sometimes that happens as I write....out of my head, into the keys, and a mess on the screen. However...still hoping in this mess:
May you always find Salt and Light in my words!

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